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Coming soon: The Double Trouble

February 11, 2010 | Coming Soon

For a long time a lot of customers have been complaining there is "sometning" missing in Lupus movies. There were always spanking and various aspects of bdsm eroticism but never classical explicit scenes. Until now...

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New bundle: XBN-008 Michaela's movies pack

January 06, 2010 | Movies

We released new bundle:

XBN-008 Michaela's movies pack

A bundle dedicated to one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in Lupus Pictures movies Michaela Trmotová.

Bundle of movies LP-034, LP-036, LP-037, LP-038, LP-039, LP-040, LP-041, LP-043, LP-045, LP-046, LP-049 and LP-050. The price of all movies is 609 EUR, the price of bundle is 299 EUR! You will save 310 EUR! Do we have to say anything more?

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Superbundle released!

December 16, 2009 | News

We have just released the XBP-007: superbundle, containing all previous bundles XBP-001 to XBP-006.

This bundle brings you over 18 hours of spanking movies for price of € 345!

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