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New movie released: XBP-006 Bonus Movie Pack No.6

July 07, 2010 | Movies

We released new movie:

XBP-005 Bonus Movie Pack No.6

We choose another next 10 movies which did not have any bonuses. We carefully chose one spanking scene from every movie to cover complete spectrum of scenes and actions of Lupus Pictures movies.

We offer you next 10 unedited scenes with remastered sound from both cameras, so you will see each scene two times: first time from camera one and then same scene from camera two.

You will be able to see moments not available in previous versions from these 10 movies:

LP-059 Comrade Balcar: The Game
LP-061 Santa
LP-062 Hostel Lupus
LP-063 A New Job
LP-064 Friday the 13th
LP-065 Comrade Balcar: The Informer
LP-066 Detention House 4: Psycho part one - Johan Begins
LP-067 Detention House 4: Psycho part two - Johan Returns
LP-068 A Garden Party
LP-069 The Godfather

Pure continuous unedited action!

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New movie released: DRM-009 The Great Expectations

June 18, 2010 | Movies

We released new movie:

DRM-009 The Great Expectations

Our new movie called „The Great Expectations“ brings you behind the Iron Curtain, into the environment of a youth organization of the Communist party and their training campus.

What can happen in a building full of young girls in uniforms being guarded by one spinster-like governess and a young, handsome medical student?

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New movie released: DRM-008 Snatch

May 06, 2010 | Movies

We released new movie:

DRM-008 Snatch

A story from Prague's 20's underworld. A pimp, two hookers and a customer who is not what he seems...

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