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Comeback of the Star

November 04, 2009 | News

We are happy to announce the comeback of one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in Lupus Pictures movies Michaela Trmotová.

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After more than thee years long hiatus she will be appeared in upcoming movie The Godfather. This time she will play one of the schoolgirls who would be soundly paddled by her friend and colleague Ester Slabá.

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In a meantime you can remind her in her previous movies:

LP-034 Room no.34

LP-036 From the Headmaster's Study: Immodesty

LP-037 Mirror of the Soul

LP-038 From the Headmaster's Study: Pater Familias

LP-039 The Deep Impact

LP-040 The Christmas Quiet

LP-041 Master Executioner

LP-043 Stalin 3

LP-045 Hidden Camera 2: The Client

LP-046 Fairy Tale: The Magic Purse

LP-049 The Red Reformatory: The Teddy Bear

LP-050 Girl Next Door

Coming soon: The Godfather

October 28, 2009 | Coming Soon

Estimated release date: 12/2009

A small prestige boarding school for girls. Strict discipline. A new girl from Russia. And a mistake you only make once...

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And there is something more about this project on Lupus Pictures blog.

New movies released: Trinitas 2

October 08, 2009 | Movies

We released new movies:

DRM-004 Uncle

DRM-005 Ponygirl

DRM-006 The Cell

XLD-002 Trinitas 2

Another three short movies in a new production series Lupus Dreams: three kinky dreams of one girl.

A good girl disciplined by her strict uncle in a story called "Uncle".

A ponygirl offered to demanding customer in a story called "Ponygirl".

A prisoner abused by another inmates in a story called "The Cell".

You can get them all three for better price in XLD-002 bundle.

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