“It is interesting to see that you are occasionally using British actresses in your films and Adele Haze did a good job as did she and Niki Flynn in your earlier films. If you are to continue with this experiment i recommend Amelia Jane Rutherford, who is superb, and Pandora Blake. Amelia has worked for Dallas in the US and Pandora for Pain4Fem and so both are prepared to travel. If you could persuade Amelia J R to appear in one of your productions you would have a best seller on your hands. 

However, the main reason for my writing is to congratulate Ester Slaba on yet another excellent performance in “Garden Party”. I am delighted that she has appeared more frequently of late and I do hope that there will be more to follow. You have produced many memorable moments in your films throughout the years, so many of which have featured Miss Slaba:

Soul of Honour - Crawling with cane between teeth to present to Lars Moebius and later her exposure in that same film.

Black Velvet and Immodesty – where Miss Slaba so erotically bares her bottom for her canings.

The Noise – Here Miss Slaba took one of the hardest thrashings I have seen and she must have been in tremendous pain with spittle and mucus dripping from her face – so brave.

Deep Impact – The look on her face as the “executioner” realises that there is no birch to hand. How she can act so well when a severe beating is imminent is a real credit to her.

Similarly in her latest film her acting is first class as she displays herself and allows herself to be pawed in front of so many people – how many were in the crew? – when again she is about to be severely caned.
One of my favourite cameo moments, oddly enough, is Miss Slaba dressed as a schoolgirl chatting to her father over the lush bared bottom of Alexander Wolf in Stalin 2. Whenever I watch this scene I wonder what thoughts were passing through Ester’s mind when their respective roles had so recently and cruelly been reversed in The Noise. She would be less than human if there was not a hint of schadenfreude.

Yes, Ester Slaba is an attractive and talented young lady and has been a delight over the years; long may it continue. I wish her no ill-will whatsoever, on the contrary I wish her every success and happiness, but I must say that I could most happily watch her being beaten from dawn till dusk.

Best regards,