Movies download

Based on your numerous requests, we now allow our movies to be ordered for instant download

How it works?

You will have not to wait for you ordered movie. The order will be processed instantly, during order you will be redirected to our secure online payment gateway. After payment you will be forwarded directly to page with download links so you will be able to start download your ordered movie immediately. Moreover you will receive email with your download links.

You must begin your download during the next 72 hours (three days). You must finish all downloads in 24 hours from when you started them.

In which formats are the movies available?

All newer (HD) movies are available in MPEG-4 WMV format, which offers the best quality and reasonable download time. Older (SD) movies are available in several formats. You may download any or all of them.   
  • MPEG-1 legacy and widely compatible, but large download size. This format is an independent format, which can be played on any operating system, and also in most of standalone DVD players.
  • Windows Media Video offers reasonable video quality for smaller download size. You would need Windows Media Player to play these files. If you don't have it, you may download the Windows Media Player for free from Microsoft.
  • Windows Media Video for Handheld is special format used for playing our movies on Windows Media enabled pocket devices like certain cell phones or Pocket PC based PDAs. These movies are optimized for small screens and smallest possible file size.

Are the movies subtitled?

Subtitles are available for some movies (currently LP-019 and higher)

The subtitles are not included directly in the video file (they can be unreadable due to compression methods used), but as a separate file in industry-standard SUB format. You may use them, if your player software supports it.

The process how to display the subtitles is player-specific, but the following scheme usually works:

  1. Download your movie, ie. LP-020-VCD.MPG
  2. Download the subtitles (*.SUB file) into same folder as movie and rename the file to match name of the movie, only with SUB extension, such as LP-020-VCD.SUB.
  3. Start the playback and your player would play the subtitles along.
To view subtitles we recommend to use BSplayer and not Windows Media Player. Free version of BSplayer can be downloaded for free.

Please remember that downloads DO NOT include any DVD bonuses (interviews with actresses, alternative versions of spanking actions from different camera angles etc.)!