From the Headmaster's Study: The Inspection

Movie Information
Picture from movie Code: LP-009
Category: movie
Producer: Lupus Pictures
Length: 60 min.
Date published: 2/28/2003
Price: 9.00 €
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A new installment in our series of interesting stories taking place in a Headmaster’s study in a girl college. This part is special. Compared to usual simple story with two or three actors, this is „big cinema“ with many characters – primarily with naughty girls who are punished.

But there is another character – even stricter than the Headmaster.

As the title hints, the an Inspector pays a visit to the Headmaster.

Murphy’s law assures that the Inspector appears in the least desired moment. There are five naughty girls in the Headmaster’s study, who are constantly nagging each other, laughing and although they came to be punished for their misbehaviour, their good spirit seems to influence even the Headmaster; even the punishment could be effected lightheartedly. Yes, it will hurt a bit – but with a little humor, the girls will be able to stand it. A short episode, which one of the girls wears, only lightens up the mood even more.

Everything changes as the feared Inspector arrives. He does not like the light mood at all. Therefore, he gives orders for all five girls to strip. During this episode, it becomes clear that Miss Cimrman in not a Miss – but we will not tell you more.

The Inspector is not pleased with the corporal punishment methods and performance at this facility. The Headmaster really has a bad day. He loses control of the situation and becomes more and more nervous. Even the Inspector is briefly interested in Miss Bemova’s chastity belt, but keeps focused on the CP methodology. He does not like the performance at all. It is too soft!

As a reaction, the Headmaster ties all girls, one by one, to the spanking bench and punishes them hard. There is a lot of crying and each girl returns to her place with heavily sore butt. The Inspector participates in the caning as well. More cries, tears and sighs…

After the girls leave the Headmaster’s study, the story gets a new twist. The Inspector diminishes the Headmaster’s results. The Headmaster fears the worst - the very future of his facility is in danger.

The Headmaster falls into a melancholic mood right after the Inspector leaves. After a while, a student coming to be punished disturbs him. It was really the worst time for her to come. After being criticized so heavily, the Headmaster will not spare her. The caning is almost berserk – the girl is then woken by ice cold water. Things will change in the facility…

We must point out that the Headmaster’s study in this part of the series is different. There are many girls punished, in complete nudity – and the canings are extreme. Therefore, you do not have to take too long deciding whether to own this work. It truly ranks up to the legendary Wild Party 1 and 2, it will be cherished by all who love strict caning of naked and innocent girls, shaking butts, crying faces and painful whines. Enjoy!