A Garden Party

Movie Information
Picture from movie Code: LP-068
Category: movie
Producer: Lupus Pictures
Length: 34 min.
Date published: 9/2/2009
Price: 9.00 €
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A suitable setting certainly matters in a spanking story. Some prefer dark and gloomy nooks, others like medieval castles; someone else likes just a bit of spanking over panties with a teddy bear in a bedroom at home.


But how do you combine all these places? How do you find the best location, which would appeal to the broadest range of viewers, while not forgetting proper spanking scenes in all their varieties? And how do you do it without creating complete chaos? How do you give the story a meaningful plot?


Of course, our dear viewer, we’ve done all this for you in a new Lupus Pictures movie called „A Garden Party“.


And because we don’t want to reveal all, we’re just going to give you a small taste of a spanking delicacy, properly experienced by two beautiful small-town girls and their ill-mannered maid.


So here we go: two spankings by a strict grandma’s hand. Shortly after, the girls have to bend over a bench and the grandma uses a birch rod. And finally, the girls get also a proper caning tied to the bench....


That’s quite a lot for just one movie?


But we will give you a bonus – the poor maid also receives two harsh punishments. First she gets caned on her naked butt, and after that – oh goodness! – she has to get completely naked and...




OK, we’ll tell you what follows: the naked maid is spanked with a stock whip so hard that she will probably remember it for a long time.


Now you can see what can happen during a garden party. And for a while, you can be part of it. Through a new Lupus Pictures movie called „A Garden Party“.