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From the headmaster's study & The Fairy Tale Digitaly Remastered

March 21, 2015 | Movies

Dear Customers,

We are pleased we have managed to preserve the first episode of the most successful series in the spanking history “From the headmaster's study”.

In the first episode of the eleven-episode series you will see an uncompromising, severe caning of a beautiful student wearing clothes and underwear of that period, and fifty-five swollen weals on the bottom covered with bruises left after the caning from the previous week.

From the Headmaster's Study: A note for absence

Her beautiful round bottom is still full of marks left after the severe caning, which she had to undergo at a week ago in shooting our movie “The Fairy Tale”.
A tale about three princesses, a maidservant and broken vase. An evil queen lets the naked maid and princess be caned at a whipping post. The executioner canes their bottoms up while they are crying; a lecherous caretaker enjoys their naked bodies.

The Fairy Tale

This is the first time after the lapse of more than ten years from the creation of this classic work we offer this to in a digitally remastered format, in full camera recognition in a way you have never seen a movie before

RGEfilms Team
QuirkyWay Team




From the headmaster's study

March 14, 2015 | Movies

Dear Customers,

One of the most successful acts of our more than fifteen years long history was the production of a brand new cult. A cult, which is still alive and has not been outdone so far. A series of movies "From the headmaster's study" has become one of the most successful movie series of the spanking genre. For the series, we had built a separate furnished atelier, which was not modified much for many years, and in which a total of 11 parts of this series was produced. For these movies in particular, we also designed a punishment bench on the basis of one old photo; the bench was used all over the series and was so successful that many other productions or individuals started to copy it more or less successfully. The fact itself is a sign of exceptionality of the whole work.
From the headmaster's study

Currently, we have been trying to save several parts of these stories, and we believe we will be able to present some of them in a digital remastered format soon. And we have not finished yet. Perhaps the most important news is that we have decided to continue with the series again, although in a rather different way. We will inform you about the new project soon, and we hope you will be as excited as we are today. The stories from the headmaster's office will continue!

Stay Tuned!
RGEfilms Team
QuirkyWay Team

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NEW MOVIE: Hidden Camera Digitaly Remastered + RGE-001-010 Package

February 25, 2015 | Movies

Dear Customers,
Let us introduce to you the last of the ten original works of our company, for the first time after its creation in full resolution, digitally remastered, in the quality of the then camera recording: Hidden Camera
The movie is an example of recordings of extremely strict spanking and caning done by a father, assisted by a mother, to his slim daughter on her beautiful bottom and thighs. The father records this spanking and caning with a hidden camera. It leads to weal, bruises and cry of the punished girl…

We are happy we finally managed to save and remaster all the first ten movies, which were produced almost fifteen years ago.
During that time, we have shot more than 120 other movies, but these original ones belong to our gold collection and their release in the quality of the original camera recording is a great pleasure for us.
These movies have changed the whole spanking genre. To celebrate this, we would like to offer you a package of all these ten movies for an incredibly low price.
RGE-001-010 Package Digitaly Remastered


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