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New Movie: Exchange Student Remastered!

July 27, 2015 | Movies

Dear Customers,

The second movie from the same school, where our movie star featuring in many movies, Eva Šulistová, was caned for the first time. Today, the superstar can be seen again in the role of a poor caned student, this time along with the international star Niki Flynn, in her first spanking movie!

Exchange Student

A girls´ school, tailor-made school uniforms, a nude student caned by a false headmaster and then caned again by a headmistress, two other students with naked bottoms, crying, being caned on their naked bottoms covered with weals, bent and stuck out in a headmistress´s office. Counting of hits, thanking for each hit, 40 swollen purple weals on each bottom.

NOW digitaly remastered, resolution of the original camera master, i.e. in 720x576 with perfectly sharp picture. Length 42 min
QuirkyWay Team

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July 17, 2015 | Movies

Dear customers,

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RGEfilms Team
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Lupus Live Night + From the headmasters study bundle

June 23, 2015 | Movies

Dear customers,

A series of movies From the headmasters study has become one of the most successful movie series of the spanking genre.
For the series, we had built a separate furnished atelier, which was not modified much for many years, and in which a total of 11 parts of this series was produced.
You can find whole serie here in one package:
From the Headmaster's Study bundle

We managed to save and remaster the original recordings of the first episode.
In the first episode of the eleven-episode series you will see an uncompromising, severe caning of a beautiful student wearing clothes and underwear of that period, and fifty-five swollen weals on the bottom covered with bruises left after the spanking from the previous week.
From the Headmaster's Study: A note for absence

We would like to take the liberty of inviting you to a unique live show which will take place on 14.11.2015.
Just imagine everything you have only seen through your monitor suddenly becoming real for you to see with your own eyes.
You can meet our stars including, but not limited to, our producer Thomas Marco, the actor and author Pavel Stastny, actors Alexandra Wolf, Ester Slaba, Katerina Tetova and a host of young newbies.
This first and only of its kind show will be set in its theme into the famous Headmasters office series and will possibly never happen again.
For further information please visit or send us an e-mail.

RGEfilms Team
QuirkyWay Team


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