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May 14, 2015 | Movies

Dear customers,

we have a new movie in posproduction for you, stay tuned!

Meantime please enjoy our weekend sale action (May 15 till May 17):

25 movie package 20% discount!

NOW only for EUR 120!
25 full movies for only 120 EUR - i.e. 4,4 EUR per movie!

RGEfilms Team
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New Movie: Teacher's Exam Meeting Remastered

May 06, 2015 | Movies

Dear Customers,

We managed to save and remaster the original recordings of the classic almost one hour lenght school drama Teacher's Exam Meeting where the headmaster punishes guilty schoolgirls on their naked stuck out bottoms in his study. The movie, for which special school uniforms had been designed and tailored.

Three students in school uniforms caned by the headmaster on their naked stuck out bottoms in front of their schoolmates. Caning leading to purple swollen weals, painful cry, thanking for each blow. A schoolgirl peeing in her pants from anxiety, hand caning, detailed shots of tears and naked bottoms and between buttocks.

NOW digitaly remastered, resolution of the original camera master, i.e. in 720x576 with perfectly sharp picture. Length 57 min
QuirkyWay Team

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From the headmaster's study & The Fairy Tale Digitaly Remastered

March 21, 2015 | Movies

Dear Customers,

We are pleased we have managed to preserve the first episode of the most successful series in the spanking history “From the headmaster's study”.

In the first episode of the eleven-episode series you will see an uncompromising, severe caning of a beautiful student wearing clothes and underwear of that period, and fifty-five swollen weals on the bottom covered with bruises left after the caning from the previous week.

From the Headmaster's Study: A note for absence

Her beautiful round bottom is still full of marks left after the severe caning, which she had to undergo at a week ago in shooting our movie “The Fairy Tale”.
A tale about three princesses, a maidservant and broken vase. An evil queen lets the naked maid and princess be caned at a whipping post. The executioner canes their bottoms up while they are crying; a lecherous caretaker enjoys their naked bodies.

The Fairy Tale

This is the first time after the lapse of more than ten years from the creation of this classic work we offer this to in a digitally remastered format, in full camera recognition in a way you have never seen a movie before

RGEfilms Team
QuirkyWay Team




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