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RGEfilms will be closed on 5 Jan 2015

December 12, 2014 | Movies

Dear customers,

For almost 16 years, we have been shooting the best spanking films in the world. Real films with a storyline, shot in film studios and outdoors, with period costumes, with professional equipment. We have shot more than 120 films that have changed the genre’s history and have become a classic.

Two years ago we created a new offshoot of our company and we started to produce not only purely spanking films, but spanking films in relation to erotica as well, where eventually the beaten girls are forced to satisfy their tormentor in some way. Consequently came the individual project of films linking beatings, sex and BDSM erotica, which we have created on the  webpages.

We were going to close the old  web on several occasions, but many of you would not have the chance to complete your library with all our works. The time has come. Given that we were able to save some of the original camera records and digitally restore some of the most important works, we are introducing them on our new website and the original web will be definitively closed.

The works whose records were not saved will no longer be available for purchase. Your last chance lasts until the end of the year. As of 5 Jan 2015, only the new website will be in operation.

Until the end of the year, you have the chance to purchase the films that are missing in your collection for extremely low clearance prices.

RGEfilms will be closed on 5 Jan 2015

RGEfilms Team

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NEW MOVIES - Digitally Remastered Classics

November 29, 2014 | Movies

Dear customers,

Based on your requests, we have prepared for you three of your most requested works from our golden fund – newly digitally remastered in its original high definition resolution

The ground-breaking work “Cane on Nail” will captivate you with an incredibly realistic view on the suffering of a petite fragile girl, punished by her father for her sins. The hand, strap, and cane beatings will engulf you and close-ups of the girl’s face with the trickling tears and mouth twisted in fear or pain, and not only in those places, will evoke in you the strongest of emotions in a way that the trembling, sensitive, and frightened girl carries to the screen.
Cane on Nail

The emotionally charged work “Cane on Nail” was immediately followed by the now classic film “The Neighbour” which, in its time, materialised the ideas of more than one of you – a mother, who herself punishes a small rebellious pig-tailed blonde. She has reached her wits end and her beatings are not strong enough for the cheeky girl, so she invites over a male neighbour to deal with her. He takes the petite, but now a more physically mature, girl into his own hands – literally. Taming this cheeky brat with the help of a wooden spoon and cane belongs to the highlight of spanking cinematography.
The Neighbour

After more than ten years (the film was shot in February 2013) we can reveal to you how the film “A Week In a Noisy Household” came to be. I must first say that all our films, at the time of their inception, have working titles. “RMF” was the working title for “A Week In a Noisy Household ” – the acronym was made up of the first letters of the three Czech words “family masturbatory fantasy”… We wrote down all kinds of spanking (caning, belting, you name it) situations and related fetishes that came to mind and the writer then pieced them all into a coherent story
A Week In a Noisy Household

And in conclusion, one bonus for our loyal customers. When you purchase the three aforementioned films, you will receive the newly remastered sequel to the film “Cane on Nail”: “Cane on Nail 2for FREE. You will see one of our biggest movie star, a legend, an actress with the most numerous fan club of our customers, the famous, unique, gorgeous “Ester Slaba” cast in the role of the punished girl in her 21st film.
Cane on Nail, Neighbour and Week In a Noisy Household PLUS FREE BONUS Cane on Nail 2

QuirkyWay Team


Digitaly Remastered Wild Party 1,2,3

November 14, 2014 | Movies

Dear customers,

Thank you for your interest and for many positive responses to the recently introduced digitally remastered movies from our golden fund, which we had managed to save after floods and which we can introduce in the original high resolution in a way that you have not ever been able to see with old VHS video technologies. A crystal clear digital picture in all details of works over 15 years old is a great celebration of our work and we are happy this possibility has delighted you as well.

On the basis of the great acclaim and your numerous requests, in which you asked us to introduce many old movies in this quality (many of which we unfortunately cannot satisfy due to recordings that were destroyed during the floods), we have selected and prepared series, which were mentioned almost by all of you: cult films Wild Party 1 – 3.

The first episode of the series, Wild Party, was an absolutely ground-breaking movie in the history of the spanking film, and, although it was shot almost fifteen years ago, it is still one of the absolute bestsellers. The unique absolute realistic nature and natural character of all performances, and mainly the uncompromising, absolutely realistic canings and reactions of punished girls was something totally unprecedented at that time, both due to its authenticity and mainly due to its intensity, and this work has not been beaten so far thanks to its absolutely realistic atmosphere.

The second and third episode followed after several years. Despite the more elaborated scenario and higher quality shooting technology, they managed to preserve the basic: the absolutely realistic atmosphere of a drunken girls´ party and all that the girls were doing together there – and mainly the following uncompromising canings, which resulted in purple striped swollen bottoms, deafening cry and scream and tearful faces.

All of these movies, as stated above, have been digitally remastered and released in the maximum quality. Regarding the age of the movies and incomplete archives, unfortunately, we have no trailers for movies Wild Party 1 and 2 in that quality, and we have no hi-res photos for Wild Party 1. But with Wild Party 3 purchased, you will get the movie and trailer in the maximum quality, as well as two bonus movies: uncut continuous footage from both cameras, including shots not used in the original movie.

Dear customers, on the basis of your wishes, we proudly offer you the restored, digitally remastered movies Wild Party 1 – 3 in the original maximum resolution, and an absolutely clear and sharp digital picture, for a fraction of the price of the original works.

You can buy our digitaly remastered WILD PARTY 1-3



Finally, I would like to ask you if you have any popular movies from our early and later production, do not hesitate to write us which of them you would like to see in a digital quality, remastered in the maximum resolution. We did not manage to save all of them, but we will try to comply with your requirements, like we have always done throughout our existence.

Dear customers,
RGEfilms NEW LOW PRICES – 6EUR per movie!
The changed the pricing policy, all movies are now available at incredibly low prices:
9 EUR per any single movie
6 EUR per movie in any bundle

You can select movies from the whole production, check our 120+ movies here.
RGEfilms / QuirkyWay team

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