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NEW MOVIE: Hidden Camera Digitaly Remastered + RGE-001-010 Package

February 25, 2015 | Movies

Dear Customers,
Let us introduce to you the last of the ten original works of our company, for the first time after its creation in full resolution, digitally remastered, in the quality of the then camera recording: Hidden Camera
The movie is an example of recordings of extremely strict spanking and caning done by a father, assisted by a mother, to his slim daughter on her beautiful bottom and thighs. The father records this spanking and caning with a hidden camera. It leads to weal, bruises and cry of the punished girl…

We are happy we finally managed to save and remaster all the first ten movies, which were produced almost fifteen years ago.
During that time, we have shot more than 120 other movies, but these original ones belong to our gold collection and their release in the quality of the original camera recording is a great pleasure for us.
These movies have changed the whole spanking genre. To celebrate this, we would like to offer you a package of all these ten movies for an incredibly low price.
RGE-001-010 Package Digitaly Remastered


NEW MOVIE: Rigid Father 1+2 and Semi-transparent mirror digitally remastered!

February 06, 2015 | Movies

Thank you for your positive response to the recently released re-mastered movies. Your responses show great interest in the oldest titles, in the opportunity to watch them several years later in the digital quality. It´s certainly nothing to be surprised at; these spanking genre treasures were created at the time, when they could have been released on VHS videotapes only, and were then digitalised in the quality that could be digitally distributable at that time, in the 352x288 resolution, which is absolutely insufficient for modern viewers. We had managed to save some of those oldest, entirely original movies, which we re-mastered, and now we would like to offer them to you in the digital quality and in the resolution of the original camera master, i.e. in 720x576 with perfectly sharp picture, where you can enjoy all details of works older than 15 years, which have become classic.

And today, for the first time in the history, you can watch also three original, ground-breaking works in that quality. These movies made in 1998 have become absolutely classic; in particular, their atmosphere of the time is fascinating – the girls wear their own hairstyles, which are typical of that time, they wear their own clothes and underwear, no costumes, and you can also take a look in their wardrobe. Shaving of pubic hair is another story – many girls did not do that at that time. The interiors are original too; they were borrowed from our fans for shooting, which is interesting especially in the story of “Semi-transparent mirror”, when a transparent mirror installed in a bathroom was a real part of that house, and we can only guess how many girls the owner watched there. The atmosphere of pure reality will leap directly to your eye.

Rigid Father 1: a strict father in a splendidly furnished study punishes severally a fearful beautiful young brunette. A very long hand spanking both on the panties and exposed bottom until her bottom is all red, followed by a caning leaving weals, with the girl screaming.

Rigid Father 2: the thrashed brunette standing in the corner must watch how her father strips her tearful, bashful redhead sister naked in front of her, and how he spanks her previously white bottom red until it gets swollen, and then cane it, leaving weals, while she is crying and screaming.

Semi-transparent mirror: A voyeur is watching a naked girl in a bathroom. Her mother has caught her masturbating and whips her with an electric cord until terrible weals appear. The next day, the man spanks her violet bottom and thighs with a flexible birch again for payment, the girl is tied up, screaming and begging.

Even in year 2015 you can enjoy extremely low prices on RGEfilms As low as EUR 6 per movie - choose from more than 120 best spanking movies all around the world.


NEW MOVIE: Detention House 1, 2 and 3 Digitally Remastered!

January 18, 2015 | Movies

Dear customers,

This is a real event! We were able to save the complete (!!) series of all our films from the “Detention House” series for you! Including the very first installment “Detention House 1” from 1999! We have digitally remastered the old camera records and now we offer these jewels from the international spanking cinematography in high definition. The “Detention House” series is one of the most successful series when it comes to viewer.

We have saved for you Detention House 1, 2 and 3 in high definition and remastered. You can purchase them individually or in a package for a bargain price. In addition to the package, you will also receive the film “Detention House: Whose bread you eat, his song you sing” as a bonus for FREE, which complements the whole series.
Detention House Package Digitaly Remastered

Detention House 1, from 1999, brings us to an institution, where the principal and educator sequentially spank and cane five girls dressed in the institution’s uniforms. The authentic screams, tears and wales in a crude classical work.
RGE012 Detention House 1 Digitaly Remastered

Detention House 2 shows a simple room at the detention house, where four girls are stripped naked from their uniforms and bound to beds in a row next to one another in the “diaper position.” The old lustful principal beats them in this obscene position with a paddle and after the beating, their pussies are coated with a burning cream and the girls are then wrapped in diapers.
RGE017 Detention House 2: ...and justice for nobody Digitaly Remastered

Detention House 3 shows the punishment room of the girls’ institution. Naked girls, publicly forced to pee, strapped to the punishment block in the “diaper position” and beaten with a paddle until they are purple while horribly screaming and squirming. And that is not the end of the punishments – inserting a spicy ginger root into the butthole is only one of them.
RGE018 Detention House 3: Internal Affairs Digitaly Remastered

Even in year 2015 you can enjoy extremely low clearance prices on RGEfilms As low as EUR 6 per movie - choose from more than 120 best spanking movies all around the world.
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