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NEW MOVIE: Detention House 1, 2 and 3 Digitally Remastered!

January 18, 2015 | Movies

Dear customers,

This is a real event! We were able to save the complete (!!) series of all our films from the “Detention House” series for you! Including the very first installment “Detention House 1” from 1999! We have digitally remastered the old camera records and now we offer these jewels from the international spanking cinematography in high definition. The “Detention House” series is one of the most successful series when it comes to viewer.

We have saved for you Detention House 1, 2 and 3 in high definition and remastered. You can purchase them individually or in a package for a bargain price. In addition to the package, you will also receive the film “Detention House: Whose bread you eat, his song you sing” as a bonus for FREE, which complements the whole series.
Detention House Package Digitaly Remastered

Detention House 1, from 1999, brings us to an institution, where the principal and educator sequentially spank and cane five girls dressed in the institution’s uniforms. The authentic screams, tears and wales in a crude classical work.
RGE012 Detention House 1 Digitaly Remastered

Detention House 2 shows a simple room at the detention house, where four girls are stripped naked from their uniforms and bound to beds in a row next to one another in the “diaper position.” The old lustful principal beats them in this obscene position with a paddle and after the beating, their pussies are coated with a burning cream and the girls are then wrapped in diapers.
RGE017 Detention House 2: ...and justice for nobody Digitaly Remastered

Detention House 3 shows the punishment room of the girls’ institution. Naked girls, publicly forced to pee, strapped to the punishment block in the “diaper position” and beaten with a paddle until they are purple while horribly screaming and squirming. And that is not the end of the punishments – inserting a spicy ginger root into the butthole is only one of them.
RGE018 Detention House 3: Internal Affairs Digitaly Remastered

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RGEfilms team

QuirkyWay team



NEW MOVIE: The Christmas Quiet and Santa Digitally Remastered!

December 29, 2014 | Movies

Dear customers,

We have prepared a Christmas gift for you. From our archives, we were able to save the original camera records of two spanking films with a Christmas theme and we are now offering them to you, digitally remastered, in their original quality and in the camera record’s high definition.

The film The Christmas Quiet is the story of a family from the beginning of the last century, where you will see severe cane beatings of two girls and a maid under the Christmas tree. In addition, there are disciplinary enemas and the insertion of a peeled stinging ginger root into an ass.
The Christmas Quiet Digitaly Remastered

The film Santa from the fifties of the past century portrays the strict punishment of three sisters with a birch, paddle, and a cane from their mother and pastor, as well as inserting a ginger root into their butt and mouth soap washing. After the beatings, the girls are left with swollen purple bottoms and tear-stained cheeks.
As a bonus to the film “Santa”, you will receive FREE an uninterrupted camera recording of the spankings of all girls from both cameras, an uninterrupted view of their faces and their butts, including shots that were not used in the final cut of the film!
Santa Digitaly Remastered

We now offer both of our “Christmas” films in high definition either individually or at a special price in one package so that you can judge and compare six beaten asses with canes, scourges, and paddles of crying girls in different historical times as well as cultural environments.
Christmas Package



NEW MOVIES: Rural Schoolmaster, Reform School 1,2, and Detention House 3 Digitally Remastered!

December 20, 2014 | Movies

Dear customers,

Thank you for the great positive feedback regarding the newly issued original works, which you can now watch remastered, in the digital quality of the original recordings in high definition. Unfortunately, many of our more than one hundred twenty filmed works were not able to be saved; however, we were able to save many of the absolutely essential ones.

Today, we can proudly offer you an absolute rarity – a classic that entered the golden fund of spanking cinematography, a turning point, and the very first film of the company under the name of “Rigid East Production” sixteen years ago. Allow us to present to you our first work in digital quality, the film Rural Schoolmaster.
Yes, the fabulous Mr. Gurt as a village disciplinarian and his two girl inmates, sent to him to be re-educated. The old lustful man’s wrinkled hands on their innocent bodies; the spanking of his potent hands, wooden paddle, tawse, and finally even a cane.
Rural Schoolmaster

Together with our first work, we were also able to save the second movie, which was created right after shooting the film “Rural Schoolmaster”.
Film Reform School 1 is an exceptional film because it laid the foundation for all of the later series of our films from girls’ correctional institutes and reformatories. The fates of a new institutionalized inmate and her roommate, their naked bodies, spankings, canings, beatings, screaming, and helplessness are a delight for every connoisseur of the genre.
Reform School 1

On the basis of film “Reform School 1” contemporary success, film Reform School 2 was filmed, which you can also admire in high definition. Here you will find two disciplinarians, a principal, canes, a belt, a birch – and most of all, four beautiful naked inmates, screaming during the endless beatings.
Reform School 2

Dear customers, we offer you our completely fundamental works (the very first shot film and the first two films from the reformatory setting) in one package: movies Rural Schoolmaster, Reform School 1 and 2. In addition to this, you will receive film “Detention House 3: Whose bread you eat, his song you sing” FREE, so you can compare how far our production has come over the years.
This movie is, again, from the setting of a girls’ reformatory and three beautiful teary-eyed girls receive a punishing enema and brutally uncompromising beatings, bound in the punishment room with legs behind their heads and a wooden paddle beating their butts and thighs.
Detention House 3: Whose bread you eat, his song you sing

Golden Fund Package 4 Digitally Remastered
Rural Schoolmaster, Reform School 1,2 Package PLUS FREE Detention House 3





QuirkyWay Team

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